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A well-written website can be a gold mine.
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If you're not selling as much software as you should be, perhaps your website sales presentation needs some work.

Let me help.

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Al Harberg
DP Directory, Inc.
525 Goodale Hill Rd
Glastonbury, CT 06033 USA
(860) 659-1065
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Press Releases for Software Developers
from Al Harberg of DP Directory


Selling software used in businesses


Press release writing for business software

business editors, writers, bloggers, reviewers A professionally-written press release will do a much more effective job of getting the attention of business bloggers, columnists, and software reviewers. Your press release is much more than a nice story about your application.

It's a marketing message that's designed to deliver your sales messsage properly to the editors and writers, and to sell your software to their readers. Al Harberg has been writing press releases for software developers, full-time, since 1984. Shouldn't he be writing your press release?

Before starting my marketing and press release company in 1984, I spent 15 years doing application development work for two huge insurance companies. So, I know how to write press releases that will appeal to businesses, large and small.

increase sales of business software If you've already written your press release, and you just want DP Directory to distribute it to the columnists and bloggers, then I'll give your press release a thoughtful review, and send you my comments, free.

The cost of press release writing is $165(US). In 95 percent of the cases, all the information that I need is already on your website. And I won't be shy about asking you for additional information if I need it.

It usually takes about a week to write and fine-tune your press release. The process ends when you're happy with the write-up.

To start the process, please send me an email, or phone me at (860) 659-1065 (East-coast US time - GMT-5).

Press release submission for authors of business applications

If your software is used by business people, then you should distribute your news release to both the computer and business editors, columnists, and bloggers. For $199(US), I'll submit your New Product Announcement to 1,600+ writers, reviewers, and bloggers who cover software and business topics. These writers are interested in productivity software, utilities, business applications, and any programs that are used in the office.

healthcare law legal security banking insurance editors

In addition to the business list, I have dozens of vertical-market lists that I can include in your press release distribution. For example, there are security writers, government and military editors, healthcare editors, law/legal writers, and many, many more.

Please call or phone me, and tell me more about your application and the audience that you're targeting. I may be able to suggest groups of columnists and writers that would be a perfect match for your software.

Start distributing your business news release now

I look forward to working with you on writing your news release, or submitting it to the editors, or both. If you have any questions, or if you'd like a free consultation on how my writing and distribution services can bring you valuable publicity, email me or call me.

Thank you very much.

    -   Al Harberg

News release marketing information for business software developers

Below are five articles from Al Harberg's Software Marketing Newsletter archive. They help authors of software used by businesses, schools, nonprofits, and other enterprises to organize and run their press release campaigns.


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Increase your software's press coverage with press releases.
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Even if you write your press release yourself, find an expert who will give your press release a careful reading, and who will give you thoughtful feedback.

Hire somebody who has been in the business for more than two decades.

Hire Al Harberg of DP Directory.

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Get in-depth software marketing insights by subscribing to Al Harberg's Software Marketing Newsletter.
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In Al Harberg's Software Marketing Newsletter, you'll find tips about writing newsletters, press releases, and PAD files. And it's free.

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