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Fresh sales ideas for your website.
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Benefit from my 25+ years experience, full-time, helping software developers market their software.

For $299(US), I'll spend four hours on your website, and I'll give you my insights into how you can generate more software sales.

Learn more.

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Al Harberg
DP Directory, Inc.
525 Goodale Hill Rd
Glastonbury, CT 06033 USA
(860) 659-1065
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Press Releases for Software Developers
from Al Harberg of DP Directory


Selling programmers tools


Press release writing for software authors' tools

press releases for developers tools Send a well-structured, well-written news release to the programming editors and columnists, and you'll get them interested in your software. You can't simply submit a nice story to the programming journals and bloggers.

Hire me - Al Harberg of DP Directory - to wrap your application in a powerful marketing message, so you'll get these influential editors on your side. Before I started my marketing firm 25 years ago, I spent 15 years developing applications for AETNA and CIGNA. I have both the marketing and programming experience to write your news release.

If you're going to write your press release yourself and use DP Directory to submit it to the bloggers, reviewers, and editors, then I'll give it a thorough reading and give you my feedback, free.

It costs $165(US) for me to write your press release. I'll work with the information on your website, and I'd like to get your thoughts about how your software is different from (and better than) your competitors' offerings.

press publicity for programming tools It takes about one week to write and fine-tune the press release. I won't stop polishing it until you're completely happy with it.

To start the process, send me an email, or phone me at (860) 659-1065 (East-coast US time - GMT-5).

News release submission for programmers' tools

For $129(US), I'll tailor my computer list to reach the editors, reviewers, and bloggers who cover programmers' tools.

news releases for developers tools I'll start with my list of 1,000+ computer editors, and I'll remove the computer game-playing magazines and other off-topic writers. Then, I'll add my extensive list of writers and columnists who cover programming topics. I'll include or exclude the writers you're targeting by platform (Windows, Macintosh, smartphone, UNIX/Linux, etc.) and by discipline (for example, database, networking, or telecommunications).

We'll have a nicely-targeted list of 1,000+ influential writers who talk to the audience you're trying to reach.

Please call or email me, and tell me about your software. I'll send you a quotation for a press release submission list that will target your audience.

Start promoting your developers software now

I look forward to working with you on writing your news release, or submitting it to the editors, or both. If you have any questions, or if you'd like a free consultation on how my writing and distribution services can bring you valuable publicity, please email or call me.

Thank you very much.

    -   Al Harberg

Press release marketing information for software developers of programming tools

Here are a pair of articles from Al Harberg's Software Marketing Newsletter archive. They help developers of software programming tools plan and execute their press release campaigns more effectively.


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Sell more software by using our press release services.
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Don't think that sending your press releases to the web portals is a substitute for sending press releases to print magazines and newspapers and to blogs.

Web portals increase your spam, and don't help your sales.

Real press releases bring buyers to your website.

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Insights on selling more software, free of charge, free of hype, free of spam.
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Each free issue of Al Harberg's Software Marketing Newsletter contains about five printed pages of usable, hard-hitting information that is designed with only one purpose in mind: to increase your software sales.

Subscribe now.

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