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The application isn't complete until you've crafted a sales message.
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Does your website get people excited about your software?

Would you sell more programs if you had a better sales message?

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Al Harberg
DP Directory, Inc.
525 Goodale Hill Rd
Glastonbury, CT 06033 USA
(860) 659-1065
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Press Releases for Software Developers
from Al Harberg of DP Directory


Prices for
Press Release Distribution
and Press Release Writing


Prices for Press Release Emailing

border For about 13 cents per name, we'll email your press release to well-targeted editors.

For example, our $129(US) service will send your press release to more than 1,000 computer editors, columnists, and bloggers. Or for $199, we'll send your press release to more than 1,600 computer, business, banking, government, and education writers.

We always tailor our distribution list to your target audience. We remove off-platform and off-topic computer magazines, and we add nicely-targeted vertical-market publications.

For example, if you're selling a Windows image-enhancement application, we'll remove the UNIX/Linux and Macintosh editors from our list. And we'll remove the computer game-playing magazines and telecommunications hardware publications. Then, we'll add our list of photography magazines, as well as travel editors.

Need a custom list? We have thousands of other editors in every conceivable category, and we'd be happy to develop a custom list for your emailing.

Prices for Press Release Writing

I'll write your press release for $165(US).

I'm Al Harberg, the president of DP Directory, Inc., and in the past twenty-five years, I've written thousands of press releases for software developers. I know what editors and bloggers are looking for.

For fifteen years before I started my public relations firm (1969 through 1984), I did applications development, management, and marketing work for two Fortune-200 companies here in greater-Hartford, Connecticut. I understand software, and I understand the computer marketplace.

Years ago, I used to download and install the software that I would write about. But I've learned that my strengths are writing and marketing, and not program evaluation. Your website has most of the information that I need to write your press release. And I'll ask you about any additional info that I'll need.

I'll write the press release. Then our copyeditor will proofread it, looking for problems with grammar, syntax and agreement. She gives it a careful reading and makes comments. And then she reads it, out loud, word by word. She looks up every questionable word in at least one dictionary, making sure that it should or shouldn't be hyphenated, ensuring I meant "ensuring" and not "insuring", verifying that it should say "complement" and not "compliment", making sure there is agreement between all of the verbs and nouns, and checking that the usage is correct.

When we send you a draft, you won't find any careless errors. We welcome your feedback. We can spend as long as you'd like fine-tuning the press release. The writing job isn't complete until you're happy with the press release.

You can write your press release yourself.

There is a comprehensive press release FAQ on this website. In addition, I can send you sample press releases.

If you're going to use our press release distribution service, then I'm happy to give your press release a careful reading, and give you my feedback. Free.

How to Get Started

If you enjoy filling out forms, then we have a great one. But you don't need to fill it out at the beginning of the process. Its real purpose is to allow you to send credit card information securely, and you can fill it out later.

If you'd prefer, you can just email me a note, or pick up the phone and call me on (860) 659-1065, any day from late morning until early evening (east coast US time - GMT-5).

When to Get Started

You know that write-up you saw in a computer magazine about your competitor's software? That was their press release. Please contact me today and we'll begin working on yours!


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