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Press Releases for Software Developers
from Al Harberg of DP Directory


Index of Al Harberg's software marketing articles
The 100+ articles are divided into 11 groups
This is Group 1 - Using Press Releases to Sell More Software


using news releases to increase software sales Group  1. Using Press Releases to Sell More Software
Group  2. Website Design and Sales
Group  3. Write Better, and Sell More Software
Group  4. Using Newsletters to Sell Your Software
Group  5. Software Marketing Ideas to Increase Your Sales
Group  6. Interviews with Software Industry Leaders
Group  7. Sales Book Reviews
Group  8. Marketing Book Reviews
Group  9. Website Design Book Reviews
Group 10. Business Book Reviews
Group 11. Motivational Book Reviews

Group 1 -

Using press releases to sell more software

Formatting Your Press Release

The easier you make it for the editors and bloggers to use your press release, the more likely you'll get media coverage.

How Press Releases Can Sell More of Your Software

Millions of people make software buying decisions based upon the press releases they read in magazines and newspapers.

When Should You Send Your Press Releases to the Editors?

Timing matters! Learn when to send your New Product Announcements to the editors and bloggers.

Positioning your Software in your Press Release

Use your press release to position your software to target a specific audience.

Don't Say "Shareware" in Your Press Release

A "shareware" press release isn't going to impress the editors.

Send Your Press Releases to the Vertical Market Editors

While sending your press releases to computer editors is the most cost-effective way to market most software, it's also important to submit your news release to vertical market editors.

Sending Your Press Releases to Newspaper Columnists

Newspaper columnists want to tell their readers about great software. Like yours! Send them your press release, and make it easy for them to boost your software marketing.

Should You Quote Your Company's Officials in Your Press Release?

It's a mistake to include quotations in most press releases.

Keep Your Press Releases Impersonal

Don't start your press release with a personal cover-letter to the editor.

Get Listed in Magazines' Round-Up Articles

Press releases can get you publicity months and years from now, in roundup articles.

Your "Christmas Gift-Giving Guide" Press Release

Boost year-end sales by using a press release to get coverage in magazines' Holiday Gift-Giving Guides.

When Should You Send Your Press Releases to the Editors?

There are two great times to send press releases to editors and bloggers.

The Press Release Horse Race

When choosing a company to email your press releases to the editors, make sure you're getting somebody who will give your press release a careful reading, and give you tough, honest feedback.


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Press releases create buzz about your software.
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The press release that you send to the editors has to be in the format that they can use.

Hire a professional marketing person to write your press release, rather than a programmer who is sending press releases as a side business.

You owe it to yourself to do it right!

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