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Software Marketing Glossary
by Al Harberg, the press release guy from DP Directory

border on this Glossary page, you'll find these words and phrases border

a-b test, about us, above the fold, accessibility


a-b test

a-b test for software developers

a-b test - A testing technique that allows you to try two alternative strategies and measure the results.

Software developers use A-B tests to determine which eCommerce company produces more conversions and greater profits. An example of this would be switching the destinations of your "buy now" links between your two eCommerce providers every five minutes for a week, and measuring the results.

Other reasons for A-B testing would be

  • to test two different tag lines and measure the results on conversions.

  • to test two different sales presentations.

  • to test the total profit generated by two different prices for your application.


about us web page

'about us' web page - A web page that describes your software company and the people who run it.

about us web page on software vendor website The page should talk about your firm, its key people, your physical location, your software specialty, and your accomplishments.

Don't write an encyclopedia entry. Instead, write a warm, friendly, inviting paragraph or two. Think about generating sales, and use this page to position your software and your company in the marketplace.

Your "About Us" page can divert people's attention away from possible weaknesses. You can establish your expertise, and use it to entice prospects to buy your software.

You can overcome the reluctance of businesses to buy from small companies by talking about the number of years that you've been in business, and your commitment to user support.

If English is not your first language, some Americans will be reluctant to buy your software because they fear that they'll have difficulty communicating with you by email. A well-written "About Us" page can do a lot to dispel that worry.


above the fold

above the fold

above the fold - A newspaper term that means "in the top half of the front page".

This is the area that people see immediately when they pick up a folded newspaper.

As an Internet term, "above the fold" refers to the area of a web page that people can see without scrolling. Because different software buyers have different browsers and different screen resolutions, and many don't browse at full-screen, "above the fold" no longer has an absolute, measurable meaning.

People expect to find the most important information about your software above the fold. Google and the other search engines do, too.

Make sure the information above the fold contains all of the keywords and keyphrases that you want the search engines to associate with that web page. From the perspective of search engine optimization (SEO), your web page's title, description, keywords, and h1 tag all need to contain your most important words and phrases, too.

border accessibility for the visually impaired


accessibility - The ease with which people with physical impairments can navigate your website.

At a minimum, each image on your software site should have a descriptive name, as well as an alt tag that describes the image.

Using descriptive filenames and meaningful alt tags helps you with SEO, too. Don't give your screenshots, boxshots, and other images blah names.

Be aware that the search engines are very sensitive about keyword stuffing. If you have an image that's 240 pixels by 160 pixels, then feel free to give it a significant name with six or eight words - including keywords and keyphrases. But if your web page has a box with four corners and four sides, and you change the name of the 8-pixel by 8-pixel upper-right corner from urc.jpg to widget-saves-money-and-time-for-business-and-home-users.jpg, the search engines will not be happy.

border Software Marketing Glossary
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