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Software Marketing Glossary
by Al Harberg, the press release guy from DP Directory

border on this Glossary page, you'll find these words and phrases border

assistive technology, Association of Software Professionals,
assumption, astroturfing, Authenticode, authority, award


assistive technology

assistive technology - Software and hardware add-ons that help people with physical disabilities use your website.

People with vision problems may use screen readers. You can help them understand and navigate your website by ensuring that your site has no spelling errors, and that each of your images has an alt tag that describes that image.

Adding meaningful, keyword-rich alt tags to your images not only helps people with vision problems. It also helps your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts by adding well-targeted keywords and key phrases to your web page.


Association of Software Professionals (ASP)

Association of Software Professionals - A trade association of about 600 software developers and allied professionals.

Most members create and market try-before-you-buy software. Before February of 2010, the ASP was known as the Association of Shareware Professionals.


Sergio Zyman quote about assumptions


assumption - Taking marketplace information for granted.

Software developers have two choices - Accept the common wisdom about the marketplace, or perform tests to see if this information is correct.

Success in the software development industry demands that we test everything that is critical to our companies.

Don't assume. Test!

In their book "What Were They Thinking?," Robert M. McMath and Thom Forbes give us a light-hearted list of assumptions that will help your product launch fail. Translated into the software industry, the funniest ones are -

  • Customers will buy your software if you think it's a good product.
  • Customers will buy your app if it's technically better than your competitors' programs.
  • Customers will be able to tell that your software is better than other software in the marketplace.
  • Your product will sell itself.

It's tough to run a successful microISV company. Don't let bad assumptions like these affect your software company's success.



astroturfing - Pretending to have grass-roots support for your product or service.

With astroturfing, it's not grass-roots support. In actuality the apparent interest in your brand has been bought and paid for.


Authenticode code signing certificate


Authenticode - a code signing certificate that can increase your software sales by making your trial version less frightening.

If a prospect uses Internet Explorer on a Vista or Windows 7 PC, and they download the trial version of your application, they're going to see a frightening message before they see your program. If you haven't used an Authenticode certificate to sign your download file, then your prospective customer is going to see a security warning that says

The publisher could not be verified. Are you sure you want to run this software?

Unless your target is very sophisticated, some of your potential customers are going to stop the download process, and perhaps try your competitor's software instead of yours.

"If you sign your downloads," Mitchell Vincent of K Software tells us, "your prospect will still see the part of the security warning that says

Are you sure you want to run this software?

"But they won’t see the

Publisher could not be verified.

portion of the message. All it takes to eliminate the scary part of the warning message is an Authenticode code signing certificate."

With one click, prospects can look at your certificate and feel comfortable that they’re downloading exactly what they expected to download. The code signing certificate ensures that the downloaded file has not been tampered with after the original microISV or software publisher created it.

"With a code signing certificate installed," Mitchell explains, "programmers can sign EXE, CAB, DLL, COM, OCX, JAR, VBA, Adobe AIR files, Mozilla object files, Silverlight files, Active X controls, and MacOS 9 and OSX files. You can buy certificates that last from one year up to five years. And a single certificate covers all of the download files that your company creates during that period."

Mitchell sells Authenticode certificates at deeply discounted prices. His company, K Software, is an authorized Comodo reseller and a Comodo Strategic Partner.

Code signing is a great way to sell more software by making your prospects and customers feel safer when downloading your files from the Internet. Learn more about purchasing an Authenticode Code Signing certificate from K Software.



authority - The amount of importance that search engines assign to a web page and to a website.

While nobody knows exactly how search engines determine a site's authority, the major criteria seem to be the number of well-targeted words on the site and the amount of traffic that the site generates.

Search engines don't judge the accuracy of the information on a site. They're interested in the volume and popularity of the site when calculating authority.

Software developers' goals are

(1) to get the search engines to treat their websites as authority sites, and

(2) to get inbound links from software industry authority sites and from well-targeted vertical market authority sites.


Al Harberg wins ESC Lifetime Achievement Award


award - Recognition from a download site or other organization.

Five-star awards from CNET and five-cow awards from Tucows can generate a significant number of sales that software authors might not otherwise get. You should display these awards prominently on your website.

You can't beat an award from the Educational Software Cooperative (ESC).

Awards from smaller download sites and from less popular organizations will have less impact on prospects' decisions to buy your applications.

border Software Marketing Glossary
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