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Software Marketing Glossary
by Al Harberg, the press release guy from DP Directory

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landing page, leading with your chin


landing pages for software developers

landing page

landing page - The page that you're sent to when you click a URL.

A landing page is also called a "destination".

Create separate landing pages for each major theme on your website. For example, if you're selling three software applications and you do computer consulting work, then you should have a home page, plus one landing page for each of your products and services.

Doorway pages, by contrast, are pages that are designed only for the search engines. Typically, doorway pages are stuffed with keywords and key phrases, and their purpose is to trick the search engines into sending people to that page, only to be redirected immediately to the "real" page that the website owner is trying to get human visitors to read.

Doorway pages can get you banned from the search engines. Period.


leading with your chin

Leading with Your Chin - Turning weaknesses into strengths.

Leading with your chin is a software marketing philosophy in which you emphasize a feature of your software application that most people would call a weakness. The phrase comes from the arena of boxing. Most boxers don't want to be punched on the chin. A boxer who is able to "take a punch," however, might lead with his chin.

software strengths and weaknesses

Traditional software marketing

The traditional approach to marketing says that, if there's something about your software that you think the buying public might not like, you should simply avoid talking about it. Perhaps if you minimize its importance, your prospects won't notice it or think about it.

Another approach that has been used successfully is to brag about your seeming shortcoming, and turn it into a compelling reason to buy:

High software prices

Does your software sell for a higher price than what your competitors are charging?

Use your elevated price to your advantage. Say to your prospects that quality comes with a price, and that they deserve to have the best product available.

Low software prices

Is your price lower than what your competitors charge for their software?

Don't let your prospects think that your low price means that your application suffers from low quality. Brag about the price that you charge. Tell prospects that there is no reason why they should pay more for high-quality software.

old software program or new application

Old software application

Was your software released during the previous century?

If so, brag about your program's stability. Mock competitors who are continually introducing new versions that threaten system stability and cost too much for upgrades.

New software program

Was your software released very recently?

Don't worry that some users might be afraid that it hasn't had enough time in the marketplace to get all of the bugs out. Instead, tout your use of state-of-the-art tools that your competitors are too timid to use. Make your prospects want to try the new functionality that puts them at the forefront of computing power.

Simple software

Does your program offer only minimal functionality?

Perhaps your competitors deliver much richer features. Explain to your users that your sleek software runs much more quickly than others in its niche, and that it doesn't pester them with features that they'll rarely use.

Complex software

Does your application offer so many features that it takes a long time to learn to use it?

Brag about how your program provides the convenience of packing all of these features into a single interface. Your program saves money because users won't have to buy multiple applications to perform a group of related tasks.

Market your program's strengths

Be proud of your software application. Don't let prospects speculate that your design features are shortcomings. Don't hide from your weaknesses. Lead with them! Turn your weaknesses into strengths, and sell more software.

border Software Marketing Glossary
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