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Software Marketing Glossary
by Al Harberg, the press release guy from DP Directory

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nag screen


nag screen for software application

nag screen

nag screen - The reminder screen that software developers use in the trial version of their software to entice users to register.

A much more effective method of software marketing is to develop and present a powerful series of sales messages that explain how much better your prospects' lives would be if they bought and used your software.

Nagging doesn't work. Period.

To generate more sales, convince prospects that their lives would be better if they had your software installed on their computers. Replace nagging with effective selling.

Creating your software sales message

It's easier than you think to create a series of sales messages. In addition to using them in your trial version, you can use the text, along with your "buy now" buttons, to close sales on your website.

Make a list of software features

Start by making a list of your program's key features. Prioritize the list. The most important features are the ones that are at the core of your program, and the ones that your competitors don't have yet. Hot features are ones that your users value highly, and not necessarily the features that were the most difficult to design and implement.

Turn software features into benefits

For each feature, create a list of the corresponding benefits.

For a business application, list benefits such as saving time, saving money, leapfrogging your competitors, getting better organized, and doing things tomorrow that you couldn't accomplish yesterday.

For home entertainment programs, include items such as having fun, relaxing, organizing your hobbies, and impressing your family.

For educational software programs for kids, write about the benefits that are important to parents, such as giving children the tools that they need to succeed in school and in life.

Ask for the software sale

Make each of these general benefits specific to your software. For each benefit, write a sentence that asks prospects to buy.

nag screens for software programs Most sales are lost because the salesperson never issued a call to action. The salesperson never asked for the sale. To sell the full, registered version of your program, you have to ask.

Examples of calls to action for buying software

Order today, and begin enjoying Widget's benefits immediately.

Why wait another day?

Place your order now, and start enjoying Widget's benefits right away.

You deserve to have the benefits of Widget. Order now!

Act now, and experience Widget for yourself.

There's no reason to hesitate. Place your order now.

There's no time like the present. Order Widget now, and begin enjoying the benefits.

Build your software sales messages

Combine these descriptions of your software's features and benefits with the closings that you've written, and create short, compelling sales messages. Write in a relaxed conversational style. Talk to your users as if they were friends, and sitting next to you.

When should you ask for the software sale?

Don't wait until your prospects are exiting your trial version to present them with your sales message. Instead, give them a sales message as they're using your application.

For example -

When they use a feature that is available only in your application, say something like, "You can search the download sites for months, and not find another program that has this feature".

When they use your game's most powerful destructor beam, serve up a sales message that reminds them that the full version of the program has more ammunition and a greater variety of weapons.

When they print their output, remind them that the registered version's printed output isn't watermarked.

Don't nag. Sell!

Keep track of which sales messages you've used, and vary the messages for each user. Don't nag. Sell!

border Software Marketing Glossary
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Press releases result in software sales, not just downloads.
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Don't personalize the news release that you send to the bloggers, magazines, and newspapers.

It's unprofessional.

The editors know that even the simplest email client can perform email-merges, and they're not impressed by a "Dear Sam:" salutation.

Talk to a press release pro, and send your press release in the format that editors will respect.

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